Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Angry Birds "Schools Out" Party & Freebie

Buzybee Digital Designs

Hi, everyone. I hope you are having a great summer. I know we are. I've been wanting to post this for some time now. I am happy to announce that I have a freebie for you today but first let me explain. Collin, my 10 year old son wanted to have a "school's out" party this year. He requested an angry birds theme. So I searched the net and made ours. Our inspiration was an invitation made by Sarah Hope Designs. If you are not crafty and can't make your own, you may purchase her bookmark invitation here  

We had cupcakes, pig in a blanket, carrot sticks, apple slices, gummy worms inside the egg carton. Inside the decorative cups in middle of table are shredded red paper and filled with boiled egg on top. Favor cups to the far left are filled with stickers, superball, eraser, and candy.  

                          FOOD & GOODIES

                       Did someone say cupcakes? 

More Yuminess! Cupcakes & Pig in a Blanket  

How could an Angry Bird Party be complete without Pig in a Blanket?

Egg carton made a good candy dish for the gummy worms. I added a few boiled eggs for decoration.  

Favor Cups 

Made by taking various shapes and googly eyes and gluing them to a 12 oz paper cup from Dollar Tree ( 2 black rectangles, 2 googly eyes, 2 orange triangles, and 1 white semi circle) The wrap in clear cellaphane and tie. Then filled with red shredded grass and add stickers, erasers, superballs, and candy. Instructions can be found here  

Table Decorations 

Decorative paper cups filed with red shredded paper and added a boiled egg on top.  

Activities & Games 

BOWLING! We bowled down the pigs. I used KFC buckets for Pigs and wrapped green construction paper around them and put faces on them. You could use coffee cans and spray pain green. 

Schools out. What a happy face! Dad setting up the pigs So the kids can bowl them over and save the Birds eggs!

Afterwards we had a water balloon fight. Whew! 

Now, are you ready for your freebie? It's a bookmark invitation/announcement in psd and png formats. 

This can be used for any invitation, announcement or party. I can see it used in a graduation announcement, senior pictures, birth announcement, engagement announcement, Birthday, etc. the possibilities are endless. I would love to see how you use this bookmark invitation/announcement. If you would like, leave me a link to your work. I would love to see it. Till next time.

Happy Scrappin!



CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 5 post on Jun. 27, 2012. Thanks again.

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