Thursday, April 12, 2012

Announcement: A New Logo, Avatar And A New Look

Pardon the dust!. This blog just went through a major overhaul. after a much needed attention. After being gone due to health problems, life in general, etc. I am back with a new logo, avatar and a new look. Over the next few weeks watch for freebies and more. I'll be back soon with a little treat for you.

Tilll then Happy Scrappin!



Kim said...

I haven't seen the before blog but the "after makeover" look is great. I'll be sure to check back.

Hummie B said...

Sweeeeet! What a nice work with your blog overhaul. Looks good and I don't think you need to center the avatar or the logo at the top... looks good where they are at.

Anonymous said...

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