Sunday, June 3, 2007

Designer Resource: Color Blender Tool

I found this online color tool today. I use it and thought that it would be helpful to others. It can be found at
The tool works by letting you pick a base colour, it will then create a “blend” of 6 colours which match or work very well with your chosen base colour. It’s really easy to create a colour scheme for your designs. For example if you’re working on a website you can see instantly “good” colors for text, links, backgrounds and borders. You can set the colour mode to RGB for screen based colours and get a suggested Pantone colour. When you find the colour set you like you can save your blends for Photoshop or Illustrator. Super easy to use and very fast.


Pamela said...

Your blog looks fantastic! Thanks again for the wonderful email regarding the butterfly template. I took a look at what you did with it and I was amazed. You have a great eye for colour!

SKrapper Digitals said...

ey this is a great tip! thank you so much for sharing! :-)