Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Vacation, A New Year & A New Look

Well, It has been a busy fall in 2008 for me with work (our busiest season"Flu"season) and planning a trip and taking a trip. It was exhausting. Then In December Right before my vacation My lupus started to flare up I got migraines daily and had vasculitis in my little toe :( I didnt know if I was going to get to go on the cruise. The Doctor wanted to put me in the hospital and I reminded hummmhumm! Im goin on vacation wether I stay in my room the whole time. So he offered me a shot of Kenalog in the hip (Steroid). Boy! Did it work.Three days later no head aches no vasculitis. Out vacation was awesome. We Flew from St.Louis MO to Tampa FLorida December 13 and stayed over night in Tampa. Temperatures in Tampa were cool around 50 degrees. Then we sailed out on the 14th-21. The first full Day we were at Sea all Day We just relaxed and watched the kids Swim and we ate and ate and ate Till night fall. We took Collin to Camp Carnival then Hubby and I hit the Dance floor. Tried out a little of our Ballroom Dance lessons. Boy did they pay off. What a blast. We went dancing every night. Its pretty bad when we get to our room at two am and out 19 year old had already beat us there. One night he told us we were grounded. he's "too funy".
Tuesday, Our 1st port of call was Grand Cayman Island. This island is on a beautiful coral reef and we had to take a tender (boat taxi) to the pier. The temperature here was around 80 degrees or so. There were shops there and we met our ride. We Swam with stingrays and snorkeled at Coral Gardens. It was awesome. I knew it was worth every penny when I heard my 7 year old son squeal through his snorkel. It scared me a moment. I looked in the water myself. Then I heard him mummer in his snorkel "It's Beautiful" as we snorkeled over the coral reef.

Wednesday, Our 2nd Port of call was Cozumel, Mexico. The tempaerature was around 80-85 degrees. The sun was so bright the kids decided they need sun glasses so we found a little shop and they both bought some sun glasses. We grabbed a taxi and went to Chankanaab. The boys swam with Dolphins and Collin and I went Snorkeling again. That boy is a little fish. A young man offered to take us out as far as we wanted with a bouy and some fish food. He also took my underwater digital camera and took some awesome underwater shots of Collin and I from underneath us. We fed the fish and they went crazy. They were rubbing up against us and we were trying to catch them. LOL. They were way to fast. Toward late afternoon the water started to get rougher and Collin swan ahead of me and swam in a rea that was roped off I tried to get to him but a wave got him first and took himinto some coral and he got cut and scraped along his side. The lifeguard was there waiting and helped him out before the next wave came in. He still didnt let that stop him.

Thursday, When we woke up be took a tender to Belize. The Temperature was around 85 degrees. This city is a very interesting City with a zoo and very self sufficient. We had good weather the whole trip. Our guide for the day was Griffin. He took us all over the city, country and rainforest in his Van. We fed Black Holler Monkeys, saw the oldest Church in Central Americal, the Belize River and learned many interesting facts about their gorgeous central american country.

Friday, When we woke up I drew back the curtains and stepped out on the balcony and O saw the most beautiful lush moutainous island that I have ever seen. I knew We were In Roatan Island Honduras. The Temperature was around 90 degrees and comfortable. No humidity. This Island was the most beautiful of them all. We grabbed a taxi and took an island tour. We ended up on the other side at a private place to go snorkeling. we saw banana plantations, cocoa trees and crabs would sneak out of the rocks and bask in the sun. I tried to get good pictures but they were scraed of the camera. LOL. We bought beautiful handcrafted touquoise, jade, tiger eye, onyx, jasper jewelry for $5-10 US dollars. What a deal!
Saturday, we sailed all day and on Sunday we woke up and we were at port in Tampa. We immediately took a taxi to the airport. Little did we know. Our flight was delayed due to bad weather in Chicago. We also found out we were going home to the coldest temperatures so far this year 0 degrees:( We didnt care we just wanted to get home and get some rest. Im grateful it turn out to be the best vacation we've ever had.

On to other news . . . You will notice that this mommas got a brand new look. Coming this month my packaging for all my kits will have a new look. I will be selling a few in the store coming sometime in February. I am also going to be remodeling my blog. As the month goes on you will noticed that items will be rearranged and new things will be added to make this blog easier and more assessible for you. I also have added a poll of some ideas for some kits. Please go ahead and place your vote for your favorite and if you would like to see something different leave me a shout or leave your idea in the comment section of this post. I am very interested in your thoughts. I look forward to creating for you scrapping and designing needs. I hope everyone has the best 2009.

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