Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tip of the Day

Hi everyone! It good to be back. I have been very busy this summer. This year we have decided to purchased a seasonal spot at a local campground due to the high cost of gas. We have a 30 ft travel trailer and if we went very far we would be paying a fortune in gas. So far we have been camping almost every weekend. So That doesnt leave much design time. But Im working on some new commercial use designer tools.

So much has happened. I lost my external hard drive two weeks ago:(My computer would recognize it. I sent it for data retrieval and they were unable to retrieve the data. This was heart breaking considering it was my back up drive. I lost my design tools, and my psd designs. So from now on Im burning everything to DVDs. To top everything off Last Friday night I got a Virus. My computer has Kapersky antivirus and firewall on it. This virus mimics Micrsoft XP. Infact it is called Antivirus XP 2008. It has a little red icon like the wondows update icon on the taskbar. if you click it it will install and pop ups will start coming up despite having a pop up blocker, it also would only let me use my computer 10 minutes before a blank screen would turn up. So if you have a RED windows update shield on your task bar dont click it. I worked on my system four days till midnight each day cleaning the system up. I hope this doesnt happen to anyone else. Keep you antivirus updated. Mine was updated and I still got it. so There are no guarantees with this one. Also back up back up back up your purchases and your pictures and your files regularly. If you so not have a DVD then get an online service. Thats my tip for the day.

Oh yeah, Come back tommorrow for a freebie. Your gonna love it!

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