Monday, April 14, 2008

Moo Two Designs

Hello all. I am posting this from a hospital room. My oldest son, 18 year old Caleb was admitted to our local hospital on April 4 for a skin infection on his finger. They were treating him for possible MRSA. Well on April 8 He began to complain of lower abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. He couldnt hold anything down and they started to give him fluids by Thursday evening he was very very sick and was not holding anything down. His creatinine level came back 7.0 They told us he was in severe renal failure. He was flown by helicopter to a bigger hospital on Friday April 11 and here we still are. His creatinine has come down to 3.4 (still) renal failure but much improvement. The also told us that his ammonia level is over 50 (way too high) He is somewhat confused at times and very sleepy. They said after he receives treatment and brings the ammonia level down he should improve.

With much thought and tears I have made a decision based on my circumstances at this time and I have way to much on my plate right now I have decided to pull my items to the store. I just cannot manage a full time job,twostores and family right now. Why Moo Two Designs? Well they have the biggest committment and I just am unable to meet that with all that is going on. When things calm down and Caleb get better I may return. I will still be hanging out in the forums and rooting everyone on. Moo Two will always have a special place in my heart and the family there is incredible. I wish everyone the best.
I will also still be selling my designs in the store at K-Joi Studios at this time. I should have a freebie in the next day or so so stop back by soon. Hugs to all.~ Buzybee

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