Saturday, December 15, 2007

December/Jan Homestead Heritage Challenge

Hey I just posted today the new challenge at Moo Two Designs Homestead Heritage Challenge. Anyhow I thought that this month we would scrap something a little different.

The Theme is "Childhood Toys" Sound like Fun? Huh? Well I grew up with Stretch Armstrong, Ms Beasly doll, Baby Alive, Baby that Away, Super Size Barbie, Zippy the monkey, Inchworms, Sit and spins, Lincoln logs, Rockem Sockem Robots, Lemon twists, and last but not least my Easy Bake Oven. Anyhow you could probably recognize the decade and give you an idea of what to be thinking about for your layout. In this challenge it can be anyones childhood toys. You can scrap your parents toys your grandparents or even you childrens toys. You may use any Moo Two Designers kit to scrap (Freebies or Store)your layout. SO go to it take a look at those old photos and if you want to include a picture of a toy or two its up to you. Post your layout in the Homestead Heritage Gallery and post a link in this forum. We would all love to see your creations. Have fun and happy scrappin! Hugs~Buzybee

So lets recap:
1) Scrap Theme: Childhood Toys (anyones childhood toys)grandparents, parents, Yours, children and even grandchildren's
2)You may Scrap any size layout
3) Scrap a layout using MooTwo Designer Kit (Freebies or Store)
4) Post layout in Gallery
5) post your link to your layout in this forum
Dont forget to have fun with this challenge. Its a requirement!!!!
Challenge will run for one month from December 15, 2007-January 15, 2008

Here is the Prize that I made for you called Blue Elegance. Yours Free for participating in this challenge after that you may pick it up in the store.

Here is a layout using this kitIf you like this challenge. Check out the other fabulous challenges at Moo Two Designs in the forum and you could win some awesome FREEBIES!!!!!

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Latte' Dah said...

What a great Blog. Love your song choice. Brings back memories. :)